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          Outstanding Co-op Student Named Redeemer’s Co-op Student of the Year
          Daniel Vander Hout is named 2019 co-op student of the year.

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          During his work term Daniel explored various aspects of the business. He gained experience and improved processes in his administrative capacity. In sales, he covered for salespeople in their absence, increasing sales to their customers, he revised the sales manual and he worked on Rosa Flora’s website, improving online ordering.

          504 Gateway Time-out

          The Centre for 体验式学习 and Careers (CELC), is one of the success stories from 救赎的2020年战略计划, helping students like Vander Hout chart a path towards God’s call. Through co-operative education, internships, workshops and individualized career guidance, CELC assists students in exploring where God is leading them after graduation.


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