The mission of Redeemer University College is:

  • To support research and creative endeavor in this context.

Central to this mission are the following objectives:

  • To advance knowledge through excellence in teaching and in scholarship;
  • To be an academic community in which faculty, staff, and students can develop intellectually, socially and spiritually;
  • To equip students for lives of leadership and service under the Lordship of Jesus Christ;
  • To reach out through academic service to society;
  • And in all these things to glorify God.

The vision of Redeemer University College is:


What do we offer?



Institutional Purpose


  • to discern the biblical basis of a Christian worldview,
  • to translate this worldview into a systematic framework for academic work,
  • to acquire an understanding of the profoundly religious nature of cultural formation,
  • to acquire an historical awareness of the conflicting spiritual roots of contemporary culture, and
  • to apply and develop these insights in the various liberal arts and science and in an area of disciplinary specialization.


这个圣经的指导教育方案的框架中的基础和原则的声明,这是ag体育官网章程的部分被划定。它被赋予的表达在一些教育方针,以及身份和ag体育官网的目的更充分的表达可以在小册子中找到“The Cross and our Calling“。

Statement of Basis and Principles